ELPLANT Chronicles: Two Years of Engineering Euphoria & Innovation

For years, ELPLANT has stood at the epicenter of automation and machine control innovations. From controlling various processes in the industry and pioneering robotic construction systems to engineering intelligent parking solutions, our work resonates as a symphony of engineering excellence and technological foresight.


After our extensive journey in the world of automation, we were ushered into one of the most intricate projects we’ve ever undertaken. Located on the iconic World Trade Center campus, this 129,000 sq.ft venue epitomizes where art meets technology.

Central to our control strategy for this project was the EASE® CONTROL CONSOLE – an intuitive, multi-axis rigging controller that streamlines operations with its user-centric GUI and advanced safety protocols.

Our contributions in this monumental project include:

– Distributed Control: Harnessing the power of over 30 Beckhoff Industrial PCs, synchronized using the EtherCAT protocol.
– Extensive Axis Integration: Support for up to 200 different types of axes, interfacing with 4 different types of 36 EtherCAT joysticks.
– Advanced Safety Protocols: 71 Emergency Stop buttons tailored to the venue’s real-time configuration across 5 Venues and 3 Theaters.
Dynamic Axis Connectivity: Connect any number of axes to integrated joysticks in real-time.
Smart Show/Cue Creation: Automatic generation for fluid scene transitions and movements.
Collision Avoidance: Ensuring smooth, collision-free movements across all systems.
– Layered Axis Grouping: Group axes on multiple levels for intricate, coordinated movements.
Parallel Show Operations: Independent operations run concurrently in different theaters.

A Remarkable Achievement: Orchestrated and implemented online from ELPLANT offices from Serbia. As September 2023 marks the public unveiling of the PAC, we swell with pride. We eagerly await standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the world, witnessing the spectacle we helped engineer. It’s a testament to our dedication and an invitation to the world to see what passion combined with skill can achieve.

Witness the magic of PAC, NY – VIDEO

While PAC, NY stands as our crown jewel, collaborations with Chicago Flyhouse, such as the Studebaker Theater in Chicago and the James and Anne Duderstadt Center at the University of Michigan, underline our relentless pursuit of innovation in automation and control.

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est aluminium foil trays making machine in the world. We reach with maximum efficiency of running more than 120 strokes per minutes with a 450 ml size container. Control of machine consist of complex Motion control system, Complex TwinSAFE safety solution, Axis and Sensors CAM concept, modern Vision system, camera recipes creator helper system, RFID system for automatically recognition of Mold, Online Monitoring, Connection with cloud, Conection with MES system, all in line with Industry 4.0.

Thanks to the Beckhoff software and equipment that we use, even before the new situation with COVID 19, we were able to prepare control software up to 90% online without any equipment. For final adjustment and commissioning, we traveled to the workplace of the client and finished the machine offline.

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ELPLANT was established with the goal of introducing positive changes in industrial plants.


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