Smart Parking Solutions

Smart Parking Solutions

A smart parking solution is a technology-driven system designed to enhance the efficiency, convenience, and management of parking spaces. Leveraging sensors, data analytics, and IoT devices, these solutions provide real-time information about parking availability, optimize space utilization, and improve the overall parking experience.

Features include parking availability monitoring through sensors or cameras, data analytics for informed decision-making, and remote monitoring and management capabilities.

Smart parking solutions incorporate moving parking spaces, also known as automated parking systems or robotic parking systems, which utilize mechanical platforms, lifts, or conveyors to move vehicles into designated parking spots within a parking facility.


Smart parking solutions aim to improve traffic flow

These systems offer increased parking density, reduced land usage, and enhanced efficiency in parking operations, particularly in densely populated urban areas.

​​Smart parking solutions aim to improve traffic flow, and optimize parking space allocation in urban areas, ultimately enhancing urban mobility and parking management.

We had the honor of collaborating with the renowned Israeli company, offering different services:

  • Smart parking solution, Customer: Shikma knowledge & Technology ltd, Israel (System of control software development using IEC61131-3 based programming languages, Motion control, TwinSafe, …)

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