Tailored Training Programs in Automation

At ELPLANT, we are not just experts in automation—we are educators in the field. Our comprehensive training programs are shaped by years of experience and a partnership with the certified training institution, Volt Edge Australia, where we proudly serve as trainers for their participants. Whether it's through online modules or interactive on-site sessions, we offer individual and group training tailored to a variety of learning styles and professional needs.

Our curriculum spans crucial topics such as:

  • Proficiency in IEC 61131-3 programming languages for dynamic automation development.
  • Advanced motion control systems for peak machinery performance.
  • Detailed explorations into PLCs for steadfast and reliable operations.
  • The art of creating user-centric visualizations for effective process tracking.
  • HMI development skills for superior user interfaces and workflow optimization.

Beyond our general training offerings, we provide certified training for every machine we automate. Each operator will leave equipped with not only the knowledge to effectively manage their equipment but also with a certification recognizing their competency.

Additionally, users of our pioneering MESWARM solution receive specialized training, ensuring they fully harness the power and innovation of our systems.

Elevate your team’s capabilities with ELPLANT’s expert-led trainings—where certification, experience, and cutting-edge knowledge converge to keep you ahead in the automation industry.

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ELPLANT was established with the goal of introducing positive changes in industrial plants.


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